Indulge yourself with our delicious desserts and puddings, including crumbles, gooey chocolate brownies, cheesecakes, tiramisu, trifles, steamed puddings and more!

Our collection of marvelous desserts are sure to thrill anyone with a sweet tooth. We offer dessert options for every style and budget with each of our desserts hand-made & finished by skilled confectioners giving that crucial ‘made in-house’ appearance.

We know that desserts and entertaining go hand in hand which is why we make the process effortless so you can enjoy your party. Using only the finest ingredients, like Valrhona chocolate, European liquors and fruit purees, our beautiful display pieces that create vertical structures and composed presentation will truly add not only flavour and taste, but will also add style and beautiful presentation to your event.

​So whether you are planning a stylish upscale wedding, a whimsical birthday party, a club-themed dance party or an elegant engagement party, we will create something extraordinary, sweet and unforgettably beautifully for you and your guests to enjoy.

If you would like more details about our delicious desserts please don’t hesitate to contact our team, who would be more than happy to be of assistance: 020 8450 6900 |